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Foals and Young Stock


Kamilaroi Chiffon SOLD
Bay Filly with white markings. D.O.B. 7.12.11 Reg. R.P. Expected to Mature 13.00hh.  
Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy.      Dam:  Urubula  Switched .     (S.O.D.  Rosslayne Blue Peter imp.).

Very attractive, sweet bay Filly with stunning white markings and equisite head.  Her dam Switched was an outstanding child’s mount who carried her riders to many wins including 1st for Breana Field in Pony Club Riding Class at Sydney Royal in 2001. Switched won her yearling class at NSW State Riding Show at Sydney  and her sire, Rosslayne Blue Peter (imp), produced many winners and was champion led and ridden Galloway at Melbourne RoyalHer dam Urubula Hope won her Open hack class at Sydney Royal and was Champion Saddle Pony of Year.  When one considers the performance of her sire Bell Boy, this youngster is bred to perform. Switched has proven to be a great learner’s mount in later years. Chiffon will have basic handling and sure to be an outstanding child’s pony . Expected to mature approx. 13.0 hh.  
Asking Price: $2,500  inc. gst.

Chiffon Chiffon   Fine Lace
Kamilaroi Chiffon as a foal 7 Y.O. Breana Field – Champion Girl Rider on Switched at an Agricultural Show. 2010 filly foal full sister Fine Lace
Breana Field (right of photo) 1st P.C. Riding Class riding dam Switched Sydney RAS 2001

Kamilaroi Makebelieve  SOLD
Brown  Yearling Filly White Markings.D.O.B.  6.12.11.  Reg. R.P. Mat. 13.2 + hh. Registered Aust. Saddle Pony Assoc. and eligible P.B. Welsh.

A very attractive filly, with elegant front and sweet head and ROYAL SHOW quality. Dam produced a quality Bell Boy filly ‘Fantasia’ in 2009, sold to Vic. Her Galloway dam,  Kamilaroi Bewitched was broken in and worked lightly and is a sensible mare. Her maternal granddam  Rockview Pandora was a big winner in W.A. having won Galloway of the Year. A gelding from Bewitched by Rothwell Toy Town has had some success in the showring. This filly moves well and has been admired by various breeders as having great potential. Bell Boy foals are breaking in well and demonstrating good temperaments. Makebelieve is weaned and undergoing  basic handling. She is in excellent condition and has a lovely temperament. Conservatively priced due to being initial foals from Bewitched by Bell Boy.    
Asking Price:  $2,200 Inc. Gst.   

Kamilaroi Makebelieve Makebelieve Makebelieve Makebelieve
Makebelieve at 3 weeks of age Makebelieve at 9 months of age in full winter coat being handled in yards

Kamilaroi Firebelle SOLD
Bay Yearling Filly. Sml white star. DOB. 5.12.11.  RPSB.  Exp.Mature 14.00hh +. Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy.    
Dam:  Kamilaroi Flame o’ Splendour.  (S.O.D.  Syon Splendor imp.)

Firebelle’s dam, Flame, is an outstanding child’s galloway from a bombproof child’s pony. All the Field girls have ridden Flame with complete safety. She attended her first show under saddle as a 4 y.o. ridden by 6 y.o. Latoya Field, where they won a hack class and Latoya was Res. Champ. Rider under 11.  See Photo taken after they had changed gear & won some sporting events as well). Flame was a bombproof Galloway for the other three G/daughters and as well as being a top showmare, she has won 5 Junior Campdrafts. Flame is one of my favourite mares and will stay in the stud forever. A gelding from Flame by Courtland Boy Blue, “ K. Blue Flame” has been a successful show pony and pony club mount with Champ APSB R.P. Ridden Sydney Royal 2010 plus Champ Pony Hack Coona H. Schools Expo. She has produced two outstanding fillies to Windsong,  one 4  y. o. which has broken in very well with a great temperament, the second a 3 y.o. that is very quiet under saddle and is leased but will be retained in the stud. Her 2009 colt is the image of his sire Windsong at the same age and has real pony characteristics and a great temperament and has been retained and sold as an entire colt. Her 2010 Filly. Festivity is a lovely filly. Firebelle is an attractive filly that looks like she may grow to a Galloway. Has had some basic handling.
Asking Price:  $2,750 Inc Gst.

Firebelle Firebelle Firebelle Firebelle
Firebelle at 3 weeks Firebelle at 3 months Firebelle at 15 months being handled in the yards.
Kamilaroi Flame (dam of Firebelle) at 4 y.o. with 6 y.o. Latoya Field at Baradine show

Kamilaroi Royal  Memoirs SOLD
Brown /Black Yearling Galloway Filly  Expected to mature 14.1- 14.2 + hh.
This Filly has a sensible temperament. Bell Boy is producing lovely quality fillies and this filly is no exception. She comes from a family of quiet temperaments on her dam’s side. Her granddam Red Dreams won led TB and ASHS mare classes, had an outstanding temperament and was one of my favourite broodmares that met an untimely and tragic death. This is the first foal for Memories who was shown lightly to win a novice hack at her first showing and was Res. Champ. at her 2nd show. She is a lovely mare to ride and Breana Field had trained her in Dressage events while at Scots PGC. Warwick. Her full sister Kamilaroi Dreamtime won her hack at Toowoomba Royal for Lee Woods-Traynor and last year was a Top 10 Finalist for her young rider at Sydney Horse of Year event. Memories is only one of three mares that I have retained as one of the main mares in my broodmare reduction. This filly is sure to make a future show filly or Pony Club mount & looks to be a galloway.type. Being the first foal for this mare she is conservatively priced. Will have basic handling.
AskingPrice: $1,650 Gst. Inc.

Memoirs Memoirs Memoirs Memoirs
    Royal Memoirs at 18 months being handled in yards


Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy Dam: Kamilaroi Spring Symphony (S.O.D. Kirreway Windsong).                                         
Bay Weanling Filly. D.O.B. 02.08.12. Reg. R.P. Mature 13.2hh to 14.0 hh + NVM.

Serene Bell – will be weaned this autumn. Attractive , filly with a sensible attitude , and features extravagant movement. Being from a Galloway mare , she is sure to grow to large pony + - full brother is galloway. From a family of performers. Her sire has proven performance and although her dam was only lightly shown, three of her siblings are highly performed show hack geldings. Kamilaroi Soloist was a Top Five Finalist in the Champion of Champions in S.A., while Touch of Class and Song o’ Spring have enviable hack records in the showring with both having won Supremes at ag. Shows & at Horse of Years and Song o Spring at Royal level. Her maternal grandsire, Windsong, needs no introduction and her maternal granddam Springtime, won Champion leds & hacks in the ASH ring as a youngster. Serene has been handled by an elderly lady & is sure to be a future prospect for the showring.
Asking Price: $2,750 Gst inc.

Serene Belle Serene Belle  
Kamilaroi Serene Bell   Kamilaroi Soloist, brother of dam -
Top 5 Champ of Champions S.A


  song of spring song of spring
  G/dam – Sara Oaks Springtime - Champ. Hack Central Tablelands ASH Show Song of Spring (full brother of SPRING SYMPHONY – SERENE BELLS DAM)  winner of Galloway hacks at Horse of Year and Royal events.

KAMILAROI  FINESSE  SOLD                                                                                                                                                                  
Sire: Janlyn Spirit of Holly. Dam: Urubula Switched  (S.O.D. Rosslayne Blue Peter Imp.)               
Brown or Black Liver Chest. Filly. NVM. D.O.B. 11.12.12 Reg. R.P. S. Expect to Mature 13.2. 

Sweet filly with equisite head and from a mare that won led at State R.P. Show as a filly and proved to be a great child’s riding class mount at elite events for my g/daughters and and as well a versatile sporting pony & Junior campdraft winner. Switched’s dam Urubula Hope won Novice & Open Pony Hack at Sydney RAS as well as Saddle Pony of Year. Switched’s oldest foal by Bell Boy has proved to be very quiet under saddle.  Sire Spirit of Holly is well –performed with elegant movement  and from that great show mare Spring Holly of Astral. Should make a wonderful sweet-moving child’s mount for show or Pony Club.
Asking Price: $2, 500 inc Gst.

Kamilaroi Finesse Kamilaroi Finesse Switched Switched
Kamilaroi Finesse   Breana Field 1st 7 & U 9 P.C.
Rider at Sydney RAS 2001
riding Finesse’s dam
Breana  7 y.o. riding Switched
6 y.o. Breana Field riding Switched after a Pony Club Jamboree with 1 Champion, 6 Firsts & 1 Third


Sire: Janlyn Spirit of Holly.   Dam: Kamilaroi Bewtiched  (S.O.D. Kirreway Windsong) Chestnut Filly. White Star/stripe & near fore/hind. D.O.B. 09.01.13  Reg. R.P. Expect to Mat. Sml Galloway. Reg. R.P.S.
Bewitched has produced two lovely pony fillies to Bell Boy and this filly  appears in the same mould only I expect her to be Galloway like her dam and sire. Mystique is a nice moving filly, with a lot of presence. She has some high performance ponies in her pedigree and has a wealth of breeding, with famous British Riding Pony stallions, Rotherwood Acrobat, Carolinas Cats Whiskers, Keston Tribune & Rosslyn Sandalwood in her bloodlines. When looking at her granddams, Rockview Pandora was Galloway of  Year in W.A. and the great Spring Holly of Astral won Champions at Royals and other elite events.
Asking Price:  $2, 200  inc. Gst.

Kamilaroi Mystique Kamilaroi Mystique Kamilaroi Mystique Kamilaroi Mystique
Kamilaroi Mystique   with dam Bewitched 2011 Filly 1/2 sister K. Makebelieve


Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy. Dam: Kamilaroi Memories (S.O.D. Kirreway Windsong)                                                        
Bay colt. White Heart-shaped Star & Near/Off hind socks. Reg. R.P. D.O.B. 20.10.2012 Expect to mat. 13.3 to 14.00+

Valentine comes from a family of quiet temperaments on his dam’s side. His granddam Red Dreams won led TB and ASHS mare classes, had an outstanding temperament and was one of my favourite broodmares that met an untimely and tragic death. This is the 2nd foal for Memories who was shown lightly to win a novice hack at her first showing and was Res. Champ. at her 2nd show. She is a lovely mare to ride and Breana Field had trained her in Dressage events while at Scots PGC. Warwick. Her full sister Kamilaroi Dreamtime won her hack at Toowoomba Royal for Lee Woods-Traynor and in 2011 was a Top 10 Finalist for her young rider at Sydney Horse of Year event. Memories is only one of three mares that I have retained as one of the main mares in my broodmare reduction. A full sister to Valentine, was quiet to handle and certainly looks like being Galloway.This fellow is sure to make a future show gelding or Pony Club mount & looks to be a galloway.type. He is conservatively priced being first foal of mare, will be gelded and have basic handling.  
Asking Price: $1,100 inc. Gst.

Kamilaroi Valentine Kamilaroi Valentine Memories
Kamilaroi Valentine Dam, Kamilaroi Memories


Sire: Kirreway Windsong.  Dam : Kirreway Cezanne  (S.O.D. Small Land Mascot).

Chestnut filly with white star/stripe & white hind stockings.  D.O.B. 19.11.12.   Expect. To mature 13.1. R.P. Reg.   
A quality and striking filly,with lots of chrome. Scarlett Rose is from a family of performers and has heaps of charisma and extravagant movement . Her dam Cezanne was lightly shown for 2nd Newcomer and 1st Intermediate hack at Hack Council H.of Y. Her granddam Kirreway Reflection was Champion pony hack at Royal Shows for Vicky Lawrie. Her full brother Songbird proved to be a bombproof show mount for the Fleming and Sevil families. Two full sisters Morning Mist and Rendezvous sold to the Bathurst area, have been started under saddle and  are reported to be going well, very quiet and starting their show careers by winning hacks and leds and Morning Mist recently won Champion Hack.  A 2 y.o. full sister Rose of Kamilaroi has just been broken in by my 15 y.o. granddaughter and is very quiet and will make a lovely child’s mount.  Scarlett Rose will have basic handling and should make a very attractive show pony.  Probably one of the last of her line for Cezanne & Windsong.         
Asking Price:  $2, 200 inc. Gst.

Scarlett Rose Scarlett Rose Kirreway Cezanne
Kamilaroi Scarlett Rose Kirreway Cezanne brother Kamilaroi Stormbird

KAMILAROI EVENING STAR SOLD                                                       
Sire: Kirreway Windsong  Dam: Kamilaroi Vain Star. (S.O.D. Chrumelbow Jason)
Brown / Grey Filly. Large white star / blaze and hind socks. D.O.B. 11.03.13. Expected to mature 13.1hh.  R.P. Reg.    From a Champion Family.
A quality filly that is the 19th foal for old Vain Star and 18th foal to Windsong in 18 years. This combination is a family of Champions and has consistently produced great ponies with wonderful temperaments and flowing movement. Vain Songstress, Star Song, Opera Star, Star Dust, Star Galaxy, Serenade, Starlight,Star o’ the Mist, Lullaby Song, Star Attraction and little Bree Aitken’s  (Puff) Star Ballerina,  and so the list goes on with all of them able to be ridden by children. A 3 y.o. sister Star Diva has just broken in well for the Fleming Family and 2.Y.O. Chandelair of Stars has broken in as a quiet future child’s prospect for Leonie Livingston . I have retained the brown filly Star Odyssey in the stud and with every passing year the chances lessen for purchase of progeny of this wonderful combination. Both Windsong and Vain Star are retired in the paddock together in their 22nd year.  This filly will be handled shortly and is a certain show prospect for a child. Could be the last of line! 
Asking Price:  $2,750  Gst. Inc.

Evening Star Evening Star
Evening Star at 10 days of age 2010 filly Star of Promise K. Star Ballerina
Kamilaroi Vain Songstress  
Brittany on Puff Tamworth Indoor Arena Kamilaroi Lullaby Song Kamilaroi Vain Songstress