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Horses for Sale

We have a small number of broodmares (some with foals) rejoined available for sale in our stud reduction as well as a very small number of yearlings & foals. Prospective buyers and onlookers are welcome to come and browse among our ponies. All weanlings have basic handling and are taught to tie up and lead. Our ponies are realistically priced in comparison with many leading studs. A number of these youngsters and broodmares come from families of champions having had successful show careers. The majority of ponies are shown in natural paddock condition and presentation which has been challenging in drought conditions.

Any of our Kamilaroi Weanlings and Yearlings for sale can be viewed  under FOALS AND YOUNSTOCK FOR SALE (see link below). This year our PARTNERSHIP  weanlings  for Kamilaroi and McArthurparc Studs will be shown  in the section below with other HORSES FOR SALE prior to our BROODMARES and yearlings.

Please note with the dispersal of the stud, all broodmares and progeny have been sold and the greatest number of youngstock.

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McArthurparc Partnership Young Stock

http://mcarthurparc.com.au      www.kamilaroirpstud.com.au

Brown Filly, white star. Expect to mature 14.00hh +  D.O.B. 16.11.12

Sire: Janlyn Spirit of Holly (D .of D. Spring Holly of Astral. Dam: Kamilaroi Rhapsody (S.O.D. K. Windsong).
A sweet filly that has great movement which is surely inherited from her two great grandfathers,  Rotherwood Acrobat and Carolinas Cats Whiskers. She has outstanding bloodlines with Wingrove Minkino, Keston Tribune and Urubula Regal Promise also featuring  in her pedigree. Her granddam Spring Holly of Astral was an outstanding show mare with amazing movement, and Windsong’s progeny needs no introduction, having won at elite events. Sire - Spirit of Holly was only lightly shown for one season, winning Supreme Led and Reserve Ridden at the Country Saddle Pony Championships, prior to a paddock accident ending his promising career. A big moving Galloway stallion with a good temperament that is breeding progeny up to the height. Granddam Spring Holly of Astral was a big-moving outstanding show mare who won at Royals and other elite events. Two geldings from Rhapsody by Bell Boy have excellent temperaments.                      
Asking Price: $1,650 inc. Gst.        

Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Janlyn Spirit of Holly
Spirit of Romance 4 months old Spirit of Romance Sire - Janlyn Spirit of Holly


2013 /14  McArthurparc Pony Stud  and  Kamilaroi Riding Pony Foals

http://mcarthurparc.com.au      www.kamilaroirpstud.com.au

McArthurparc Halloween SOLD
Bay/brown Colt – white hind socks & star. Expected mat. 13.00 -13.1hh+                                
Sire: Whitmere Royal Rumours (X Fernleigh Fine Print). Dam: Kamilaroi Sequin (SOD Kirreway Windsong)
A sweet, outstanding quality colt, very much in the mould of ¾ brother K.Prince Charming. This little fellow has the loveliest nature and as both his sire and dam have great movement he should be a future Royal  Show quality gelding,. With his  two Great grandsires being the renown Carolinas Cats Whiskers imp and Rotherwood Acrobat Imp. it is not surprising that extravagant movement is being passed on. Asking Price: $1,650 inc. Gst.    

Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Janlyn Spirit of Holly Prince Charming
McArthurparc Halloween   Sire – Whitmere Royal Rumour


Chestnut Filly  – white hind sock.          Expected mat. 14.01+                                                           
Sire: Whitmere Royal Rumours (X Fernleigh Fine Print). Dam: Kamilaroi Lyric (SOD Kirreway Windsong)
An elegant, outstanding quality filly, very much in the mould of her 2012 brother Kamilaroi Gala Affair and 2010 ¾ brother K. Celebrity Showcase, highly performed in colt classes at elite events in Vic. Half- sister Westlake Living Doll (R.Toy Town X K. Lyric) has won Champion Hacks at Perth Royal, Canberra Royal and several Horse of Year events. Her young sire Whitmere Royal  Rumour is highly performed at elite events including wins & champions in breed classes at Toowoomba Royal plus Supreme Led Youngstock Saddle Pony Country Titles 2011 & 2012 and Supreme Led Riding Pony Youngstock at Qld R.P.Show 2012 and has produces some great results  in 2013. Her dam Kamilaroi  Lyric consistently produces quality progeny. 

Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Janlyn Spirit of Holly Prince Charming
McArthurparc Lovestruck ½ Sister Westlake
Living Doll
¾ Brother K. Celebrity Showcase


2012 /13  McArthurparc Pony Stud  and  Kamilaroi Riding Pony Stud  Foals

http://mcarthurparc.com.au      www.kamilaroirpstud.com.au

***** Kamilaroi Gala Affair SOLD
Sire: Whitmere Royal Rumours (X Fernleigh Fine Print). Dam: Kamilaroi Lyric (SOD Kirreway Windsong)          
Bay/brown Colt – white hind socks & star. Expected mat. 14.1-14.2hh+
  D.O.B. 03.11.12                                                                 
An elegant, outstanding quality colt
, very much in the mould of ¾ brother K.Celebrity Showcase, highly performed in colt classes at elite events in Vic. Half- sister Westlake Living Doll (R.Toy Town X K. Lyric) has won Champion Hacks at Perth Royal, Canberra Royal and several Horse of Year events. His young sire Rumour is highly performed at elite events including wins & champions in breed classes at Toowoomba Royal plus Supreme Led Youngstock Saddle Pony Country Titles 2011 & 2012 and Supreme Led Riding Pony Youngstock at Qld R.P.Show 2012. Whether you are looking for a prospective sire as a breeding proposition  or a future Royal  Show quality gelding, this colt should provide the answer.
Asking Price:

Gala Affair Westlake Living Doll Whitmere Royal Rumour
Gala Affair at 4.5 months Half sister Westlake Living Doll - Winner Horse of the Year Whitmere Royal Rumour -
sire of Gala Affair

Celebrity Showcase Celebrity Showcase Celebrity Showcase
3/4 Brother Kamilaroi Celebrity Showcase



Reg. R.P. A27768/08    Reg. APSBS.  Brown Broodmare. White Star. 13.1hh  
Sire: Kirreway Windsong.   Dam:  Kamilaroi Vain Star   (S.O.D. Chrumelbow Jason X Kirreway Levane).  

Lovely type of  6 yr old brown mare with good movement, & in my opinion, one of the best quality progeny produced by this  sire and dam. Was broken in 3 years ago and just lightly worked since. Odyssey comes from a family of Champions, with siblings, Vain Songstress, Star Song,  Opera Star, Star Dust, Star Galaxy, Serenade, Starlight, Star o’ the Mist, Lullaby Song, Star Attraction and little Bree Aitken’s (Puff) Star Ballerina, being all big winners in the show ring and mostly ridden by children. This attractive dark brown mare has an eye-catching bay colt with lots of chrome by Mandaley Bell Boy  and has a positive test has been rejoined to Mandaley Bell Boy who is producing prize winning quality progeny. Three in one package.
Asking Price:   $3,300 Inc Gst

Kamilaroi Star Odyssey Mandaley Bell Boy
Sire of 2013 season foal

Reg. R.P.  A20992/03.  Bay Broodmare with white star.  D.O.B. 16/01/03  13.1hh.              
Sire: Kirreway Windsong.  Dam: Willowcroft Soloist. (S.O.D. Urubula Regal Promise). 
Positive Preg Test. Proven and reliable broodmare which has produced a number of quality progeny to Mandaley Bell Boy. The oldest of these progeny Rhapsody in Blue is now under saddle and is proving to really have that ‘wow’ factor and will be coming out as a newcomer this year. Another gelding, Prince Charming is broken in and proving to be very quiet. Rhapsody is tested in foal to Whitmere Royal Rumour (X Fernleigh Fine Print) which has won awards at elite events and is producing quality progeny.  
Asking Price:   $1,980 Inc Gst.      

2012 Foal Spirit of Romance 2010 Foal Prince Charming  

Reg. R.P. A18892/01. Liver Chestnut - white star/stripe conj. D.O.B. 18/1/01 . 12.3 - 13.00hh
Sire: Kirreway Windsong.  Dam: Kamilaroi Highlights (S.O.D. Rotherwood Acrobat).  
Very fine little mare with great movement inherited from her Cats Whiskers and Acrobat bloodlines. Regular breeder, with eldest progeny by Bell Boy starting to perform well under saddle and another full sister awarded Champion Led. She has an attractive Bay colt foal at foot with lots of chrome and an excellent temperament by Whitemere Royal Rumour which has performed very well in the showring at elite events and she has been rejoined to Rumour.  A great package deal.
Asking Price: $ $3,300 inc GST   

2009 Foal K. Velvet Wings
– winner champ. Led.
K. Windchime 2008 Filly Sequin with 2013 baby Colt foal


Kamilaroi Bewitched SOLD
13 y.o. Chestnut Broodmare. White Star. D.O.B. 23.09.00.. 14.01 – 14.02. hh Reg. R.P. AppC18916/01. 1stXASH
Sire:   Kirreway Windsong Dam:Rockview Pandora.

Kamilaroi Bewitched was broken in and worked lightly prior to becoming a brood mare and is a sensible mare. Her maternal granddam Rockview Pandora was a big winner in W.A. having won Galloway of the Year. Her sire Kirreway Windsong needs no introduction and his progeny regularly win broad ribbons in the showring. Bewitched always produces an attractive foal with great movement to different sires and two of her fillies by Bell Boy  were outstanding in type and temperament.  Due to the prolonged dry season last year, she was not joined, however this season she has been joined to Willdraft Jet, a very attractive black ASHS stallion belonging to our son Mark, which is producing some great quality stock with good temperaments and height. A yearling filly by Jet’s sire Soda Justice recently brought $11,000 for our stud at the ASH Fountain of Youth sale at ASH Nationals. This joining should produce a quality hack with a great deal of versatility & eligible ASH registration.  Asking Price:  $2,750 Gst inc.   

Kamilaroi Bewitched 2011 foal –
Kamilaroi Makebelieve
2012 Foal-
Kamilaroi Mystique

Kamilaroi Memories SOLD
12 y.o. Chestnut Broodmare. White Star. D.O.B. 15.10.01.. 14.01 – 14.02. hh Reg. R.P. A20203/02 . 1stXASH
Sire: Kirreway Windsong Dam: Red Dreams T.B. / ASHS.

Memories dam, Red Dreams, won led TB and ASHS mare classes, had an outstanding temperament and was one of my favourite broodmares that met an untimely and tragic death. Memories was shown lightly to win a novice hack at her first showing and was Res. Champ. at her 2nd show. She is a lovely mare to ride and Breana Field had trained her in Dressage events while at Scots PGC. Warwick. Her full sister Kamilaroi Dreamtime won her hack at Toowoomba Royal for Lee Woods-Traynor and in 2011 was a Top 10 Finalist for her young rider at Sydney Horse of Year event. Memories is only one of three mares that I had originally retained as one of the main mares in my broodmare reduction. She has produced two foals to Bell Boy which have been sold on and the oldest one is going well under saddle. She produced a nice big colt to Willdraft Jet, the ASHS sire in 2013, but tragically we had to put him down due to an accident. She has been recently joined to the ASHS colt Nandeye Reaction (Acres Destiny X Nandeye Reflect). Nandeye Reflect is the most versatile and highly performed of our mares that we have ever bred with an outstanding temperament, (winning leds, hacks, working classes at elite level as well as campdrafts) and Acres Destiny progeny are highly prized, performing in all areas of competition. A yearling filly by Destiny recently brought $18,000 at the 2014 ASH Fountain of Youth Led sale at March ASH National Champs. This joining should produce a versatile large Galloway that can perform in a variety of events both RP & ASHS. Asking Price: $2,750 Inc Gst.

Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance Kamilaroi Spirit of Romance    
Kamilaroi Memories – heavily pregnant and in paddock condition    

Sire: Small Land Mascot (imp) Dam: Kirreway Reflection S.O.D. Rotherwood Acrobat (imp) R.P.S.B.S. A14452/97
Grey Mare 13.3 HH. D.O.B. 24. 10. 96 Kirreway Cezanne was purchased from Kirreway Stud as a youngster. She has wonderful R.P. bloodlines and her dam Kirreway Reflection while shown by Vicky Lawrie was Champion Pony Hack at several Royal shows as well as Saddle Pony of the Year in S.A. Cezanne was shown lightly for 2nd in Newcomer and 1st in Intermediate Hack at Dubbo Hack Council Horse of Year Champs in 2003. Her foals all have great movement and Kamilaroi Songbird ( X Kirreway Windsong) has been a wonderful child’s mount for Hannah Sevil. Two fillies sold to the Cole Family have broken in very well with the oldest filly recently winning her Novice hack at her first showing. The youngest filly recently awarded Champion hack & Res. Champ Led. Her 2009 Windsong filly Rose of Kamilaroi has an exceptional temperament and has broken in well. She has a quality 2011 chestnut filly by Windsong with extravagant movement and is rejoined paddock service to Windsong.
Asking Price: $3,300 inc. Gst. 3 in 1 Package deal to an approved home only.

  Kirreway Cezanne Cezanne
Kirreway Cezanne brother Kamilaroi Stormbird Cezanne at Horse of Year event after winning Intermediate Pony hack.
Scarlett Rose Scarlett Rose
2012 Filly Kamilaroi Scarlett Rose


Sire: Kirreway Windsong Dam: Rathowen Patch of Blue (S.O.D. Courtland Boy  Blue  Imp.)
Brown 7 y.o. Broodmare. Sml white star. Positive Pregnancy Test. 13.00hh.
Outstanding young broodmare, bred in the purple from imported bloodlines of Rotherwood Acrobat, Courtland Boy Blue, Weston Chilo and Carolinas Cats Whiskers. Dam is a full sister to performed sire Rathowen Parody. Dresden’s full brother , K. Kismet is highly performed, winning champion hack events at H.of Y’s & Royal Shows. Dresden has been put under saddle, had basic education, is a sensible pony and moves well. She has a positive preg. test to Whitmere Royal Rumours (Fernleigh Fine Print X Ardenhall Royal Secret imp.) This young stallion is highly performed at elite events including wins & champions in breed classes at Toowoomba Royal plus Supreme Led Youngstock Saddle Pony Country Titles 2011 & 2012 and Supreme Led Riding Pony Youngstock at Qld R.P.Show 2012. Rumour is producing quality progeny in his first season . With these blood-lines, this attractive young mare will be an asset to any serious stud breeder. For Sale due to down- sizing of Kamilaroi Stud.
Asking price $6, 600 Inc Gst.
Enquiries - contact: Judy 02 6796 4488 or Sarah 0427 548 633 at McArthurparc Stud. Email: mjfield@northnet.com.au.

Dresden Kismet Kismet Whitmere Royal Rumour
Kamilaroi Dresden Full brother Kamilaroi Kismet Champion EA Small Pony 2012 Whitmere Royal Rumour Sire of
Dresdens 2013 Foal




Kamilaroi Royal Academy SOLD
Sire: Kirreway Windsong Dam: Kamilaroi Academy of Splendour S.O.D. Syon Splendor (imp.) RPSBS. A29533/10 3 Y.O. Chestnut Filly - white sock Exp. to mature 13.2hh. D.O.B. 21/08/09 High expectations for another of the successful foals of the duo Windsong and Academy. Lovely quality filly in the mould of full brothers and sisters, Song o’ Splendor, Concerto, Collegiate and Graduate all well-performed. Graduate – Champ. Novice Pony at Sydney RAS 2008, winner of multi Champ Hacks & H.of Y events including 30 Champion Led and Ridden events during 2009 for then trainer Kristy Hall and owners Phillip & Helen Smith. Graduate was Champ.Open Pony at Macquarie Bank South Coast and ACT Hack Council Horse.of Year at Canberra, in Nov. 2009. Concerto won Supreme Led Part-Bred Welsh and Res. Champ. Ridden for young rider at All Welsh Vic. Show in Jan. 2010 and has qualified for 2012 Grand Nationals. Collegiate a bombproof pony for young riders and Debutante is a learners pony while all these ponies are shown by children. Expected to mature up to 13.2 - and was broken in by the Field Grandaughters in 2011/12 holidays and spelled since. Last foal of Academy & Windsong to be bred here as mare sold on and Windsong retired so last opportunity to purchase from Kamilaroi Stud. Asking Price: $3,300 inc. gst.
Click here for breeding details

Kamilaroi Royal Academy Kamilaroi Royal Academy
Kamilaroi Concerto -
full brother to Royal Academy
Kamilaroi Graduate -
full sister to Royal Academy
Kamilaroi Royal Academy 2 Y.O. taken in yards

Kamilaroi Rhapsody in Blue SOLD
Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy Dam: Kamilaroi Rhapsody S.O.D. Kamilaroi Windsong RPSBS A29438/10 Brown 3 Y.O. Filly - white star/stripe Exp. Mature 13.2. hh D.O. B. 17.12.09 Brown filly with flashy white markings. Her sire comes from a family of champions and dam Rhapsody is an attractive little mare – broken in, worked lightly and taken to Pony Club by 9 yr old Ellie Field a few years ago, & then turned out.This is her first foal by Bell Boy and should make a pretty show pony or pony club mount. Her granddam Soloist is by the highly performed Urubula Regal Promise and she had many siblings that were very successful in the showring at top level. Broken in to saddle by Field Granddaughters in 2011/12 holidays, lightly worked and spelled since. Being first foal – reasonably priced. Asking Price: $2,500 inc. gst.
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Kamilaroi Rhapsody in Blue Kamilaroi Rhapsody in Blue Kamilaroi Rhapsody in Blue
Kamilaroi Rhapsody in Blue taken in yards at 2.Y.O.  

Kamilaroi Regal Mystic AI. SOLD
Sire:  Rotherwood Peter  Pan  U.K. Dam: Mat’s Magic of Astral  AI. S.O.D.  Strinesdale Matador U.K. RPSBS  FR29684/10  
Bay .  N.V.M   Exp. Mature 13.3.to 14.0hh  D.O.B. 10.11.09  
Click here for breeding details
Rare opportunity to buy this type of breeding - Bay 3 Y.O. gelding. – a grandson of the highly performed & famous U.K. grandsire Matador. and is one of the very few progeny by Peter Pan being offered for sale in Australia. This (colt) gelding has impeccable Riding Pony bloodlines from both his dam and sire. His dam was highly awarded until she sustained an injury as a youngster. His full brother 2 y.o. Kamilaroi Lord of the Manor was awarded Champion R.P. Colt at the National Stud Pony Show in November 2009 & placed at Royals while being campaigned for Kamilaroi Stud by Anthony Mountney, Lord is now under saddle and demonstrates an outstanding temperament both led and under saddle and has won Champion Leds this current show season. All Mat’s foals have good movement. Mrs Elizabeth Mansfield in the U.K. who owns both Rotherwood Peter Pan and Strinesdale Matador, assures me that this is an excellent cross and is impressed with his sibling Lord of the Manor., currently sold as stud sire. Mystic has been put under saddle this 2011/12 holidays by our 16 yr. old g/daughter and is a sensible gelding & shows great movement.
Due to Stud reduction, priced very reasonably at basic cost of breeding AI frozen semen from U.K. pregnancy only.
Asking Price: $3,000 inc. gst. Firm.
Click here for breeding details

Regal Mystic Regal Mystic Regal Mystic Regal Mystic
Regal Mystic Regal Mystic Kamilaroi Regal Mystic being broken in to saddle – December 2011



The following 2 Two Year Old Gelding and 1 Two Year Old Filly are offered at discounted prices.

Wizard of Kamilaroi SOLD
Sire: Janevelyn Madras Dam: Kamilaroi Bewitched S.O.D. Kirreway Windsong. RPSBS. G30372/11 Bay 3 Y.O. gelding with white crescent. Expect. to mature 13.2 to 13.3. D.O.B. 17.12.10 Bay colt with qualities to make a great show gelding. Carries the classic imported bloodlines of Keston Royal Occasion, Rotherwood Acrobat, Keston Minetta and Syon Splendor. His sire Janevelyn Madras has won led and ridden at Royal Show level and is producing high quality, winning progeny. His dam Bewitched was broken in and worked lightly and is a sensible mare. His granddam Rockview Pandora was a big winner in W.A. having won Galloway of the Year. A gelding from Bewitched by Rothwell Toy Town is performing well in the showring. Wizard is gelded and has had basic handlingand should mature to approx. 13.2hh. as a prospective show gelding. Now ready to be put under saddle.
Asking Price: $990 inc. gst
Click here for breeding details

Wizard of Kamilaroi - Yearling
Wizard of Kamilaroi at 4 weeks   Wizard of Kamilaroi – Yearling

Kamilaroi Solitaire
Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy Dam: Kamilaroi Sequin S.O.D. Kirreway Windsong RPSBS FR30156/10 Brown / Burnt Buckskin 3 Y.O. Gelding. Small Star. Exp. to Mature 13.00hh. D.O.B. 8.11.10. Sequin has produced two stunning fillies to Mandaley Bell Boy and she produced another quality foal which is the gelding Solitaire. Sequin has the floating movement of her grandsire Windsong and great grandsire Rotherwood Acrobat who was never beaten under saddle. Maternal Granddam, Highlights won some classes at shows down the Central Coast area before being retired to stud at a young age. This fellow has had some basic handling and is a sensible gelding and with his nice movement, and will make an attractive show gelding. Ready to be put under saddle.
Asking Price: $990 inc. Gst.
Click here for breeding details

Kamilaroi Solitaire
Kamilaroi Solitaire in yards at
8 weeks
Full sister Kamilaroi Velvet Wings
2009 filly
Kamilaroi Solitaire – Yearling in Yards

Kamilaroi  Cascade SOLD
Bay 2 Y.O. filly with small white crescent.  D.O.B. 27.12.10.   Expect. To mature 13.1. R.P. Reg. 

Kirreway Windsong   Dam: Kirreway Cezanne  (S.O.D. Small Land Mascot Imp.)  A sweet little filly, typical type of Windsong filly. Cascade is from a family of performers. Her dam Cezanne was lightly shown for 2nd Newcomer and 1st Intermediate hack at Hack Council H.of Y. Her granddam Kirreway Reflection was Champion pony hack at Royal Shows for Vicky Lawrie. Her full brother Songbird proved to be a bombproof show mount for the Fleming and Sevil families. Two full sisters Morning Mist and Rendezvous sold to the Bathurst area, have been started under saddle and  are reported to be going well, very quiet and starting their show careers by winning hacks and leds and recently Champion Pony Hack.  A 2 y.o. full sister Rose of Kamilaroi has just been broken in by my 15 y.o. granddaughter and is very quiet and will make a lovely child’s mount. Cascade has had basic handling, and is ready to be put under saddle. Currently has very small bump on outside of cannon which is disappearing so price discounted from $2,200 inc. Gst.  to Asking Price:  $1,320 inc. Gst.

Cascade Cascade
Cascade with Dam Kirreway Cezanne at approx 3 months Full brother - Kamilaroi Stormbird



Chestnut Filly. White Star/stripe & near fore/hind. D.O.B. 09.01.13  Reg. R.P. Expect to Mature Small Galloway/Big Pony. Reg. R.P.S.
Sire: Janlyn Spirit of Holly.  Dam: Kamilaroi Bewitched.

Bewitched has produced two lovely pony fillies to Bell Boy and this filly  appears in the same mould only I expect her to be Galloway like her dam and sire. Mystique is a nice moving filly, with a lot of presence. She has some high performance ponies in her pedigree and has a wealth of breeding, with famous British Riding Pony stallions, Rotherwood Acrobat, Carolinas Cats Whiskers, Keston Tribune & Rosslyn Sandalwood in her bloodlines. When looking at her granddams,  Rockview Pandora was Galloway of  Year in W.A. and Spring Holly of Astral won Champions at Royals and other elite events. Had basic handling. 
Asking Price: $1650 Inc. Gst.

Kamilaroi Mystique Kamilaroi Mystique Kamilaroi Mystique Kamilaroi Mystique
Kamilaroi Mystique   with dam Bewitched 2011 Filly 1/2 sister K. Makebelieve

Brown or Black Liver Chest. Filly. NVM. D.O.B. 11.12.12 Reg. R.P. A32326/13  Exp.Mature 13.1 to 13.2.          
Sire: Janlyn Spirit of Holly.  Dam: Urubula Switched (S.O.D. Rosslayne Blue Peter imp.)

Sweet filly with equisite head, great movement and from a mare that won led at State R.P. Show as a filly and proved to be a great child’s riding class mount at elite events for my g/daughters and and as well a versatile sporting pony & Junior campdraft winner. Switched’s dam Urubula Hope won Novice & Open Pony Hack at Sydney RAS as well as Saddle Pony of Year. Switched has 2 fillies by Bell Boy  proving to be very quiet under saddle.  Sire Spirit of Holly is well –performed and from that great show mare Spring Holly of Astral. Should make a wonderful sweet-moving child’s mount for show or Pony Club.                                   
Asking Price: $2, 750  inc Gst.

Kamilaroi Finesse Kamilaroi Finesse Switched Switched
Kamilaroi Finesse   Breana Field 1st 7 & U 9 P.C.
Rider at Sydney RAS 2001
riding Finesse’s dam
Breana  7 y.o. riding Switched


Full Brother to above. Kamilaroi Treasure. Bay  Yearling Gelding  SOLD
Fine gelding , with great movement reflecting the influence of his maternal great-grandsires, Carolinas Cat’s Whiskers imp. and Rotherwood Acrobat imp. Bred in the purple to be a show gelding with his paternal grandsires being Syon Royal Portrait imp.and Sir Percy of Paxhall imp. Sequin has produced 4 quality progeny to Bell Boy and this fellow is no exception.  Is gelded & had some basic handling. 
Asking Price:  $770 Gst. Inc.   

Kamilaroi Treasure Kamilaroi Treasure

Kamilaroi Garland.  Blue  / Grey  Yearling Filly   -  FULL SISTER to K. CASCADE above SOLD
Garland is from a family of performers and is a striking filly. She is a full sister to 2. Y.O Filly Cascade above and has outstanding floating movement. Full brother and sisters have proved to be attractive and quiet show ponies. Has had some basic handling.  
Asking Price: $1,650 inc. Gst

Kamilaroi Garland Kamilaroi Garland



Kamilaroi Pantomine  SOLD
Bay Filly. NVM. D.O.B. 01.11.13. Reg R.P. Expected to mature 14.00hh.+   
Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy.  Dam: Kamilaroi Cabaret   (S.O.D. Kirreway Windsong).   
An outstanding, quality filly with great presence from a family of outstanding children’s mounts. Dam Cabaret was a versatile mount for our g/daughters who won hack, riding classes, sporting events and campdraft on this mare. Granddam Bereen Firedance (Tiffany) was one of the most outstanding, bombproof child’s mounts I have witnessed who took her young riders (as young as 4.y.o.) to champion ribbons. (Brooke Field at 4 ½ years was Reserve Champ. Junior Girl Under 11 at Wee Waa Pony Camp Gymkhana riding this mare). Tiffany (dec.) has consistently bred on progeny (/Cabaret, Flame & Ember) with the same ability and temperament as her. Little Jessica Melbourne was High Point Girl at the Zone 5 Pony Club Jamboree for 2011 at Wee Waa riding K. Ember, a full brother to Cabaret. . Cabaret’s filly, Kamilaroi Crystal by our ASHS sire was put under saddle in 2011and has a cool temperament and is showing great potential for ASH classes, winning hack and working including Champion Novice Working at ASH National Champs. A   2 y.o. full brother to, K. Song n’ Dance was broken in by Fiona Rolls-Campbell in Qld. & sold to S.A. for a show mount whose owner states ‘nicest horse I have ever had’. Pantomine has the same lovely front inherited from sire Bell Boy. She will be handled by teenage girls prior to weaning. Top of pony -may mature small Galloway. Another full sister Chorus Belle and full brother Elite Edition have just been broken in and are going very well under saddle for their prospective owners. Last foal offered as Cabaret is being retired from breeding. May be available for lease in future.    

Kamilaroi Pantomine  10 year old Latoya Field on dam Cabaret after a show  


Bay / Brown / Filly.. D.O.B. 08.02.14.  Expected to mature 13.1hh.  R.P. Reg.                        
Sire: Kirreway Windsong  Dam: Kamilaroi Vain Star.                                                                 

From a Champion Family. A sweet filly that is the 20th foal in 20 years for old Vain Star and 19th foal to Windsong in 19 years. This combination produced a family of Champions and has consistently produced great ponies with wonderful temperaments and flowing movement. Vain Songstress, Star Song, Opera Star, Star Dust, Star Galaxy, Serenade, Starlight,Star o’ the Mist, Lullaby Song, Star Attraction and little Bree Aitken’s  (Puff) Star Ballerina,  and so the list goes on with all of them able to be ridden by children. A 4 y.o. sister Star Diva has broken in well for the Fleming Family and 3.Y.O. Chandelair of Stars has broken in as a quiet future child’s prospect for Leonie Livingston . I had retained the brown filly Star Odyssey in the stud and with every passing year the chances lessen for purchase of progeny of this wonderful combination. Both Windsong and Vain Star are retired in the paddock together in their 24th and 23rd year respectively. This filly will be handled shortly and is a certain show prospect for a child. Should be the last of line!  It is most concerning to see this old pair and their foal d.o.b. 08.02.14 in these dreadful drought conditions but we are doing our best to maintain them and Vain Star is doing an excellent job with her baby.
Asking Price:  $1,650 Gst. Inc.  

Kamilaroi Star Quest    


Kamilaroi Tranquil Star SOLD
Bay Colt with White Blaze and hind socks. Expect. Mature. 13. 1 – 13.2 hh. D.O.B. 18.12.13                     
Sire: Mandaley Bell Boy (X Owendale Percival).   Dam: Kamilaroi Star Odyssey (X Kirreway Windsong).

Tranquil Star is a very attractive colt which should make a quality show gelding. He has the sweetest head and a great rein and lots of chrome to give him that ‘eyecatching’ quality. His dam comes from a line of great show ponies many shown by children, with her siblings being successful in the show ring  & demonstrating good movement. His sire won as a colt at elite events and his progeny are starting to win under saddle. Tranquil Star will be offered with his dam as a package or can be sold separately.
Asking Price:  $1,320 inc. Gst. 

Tranquil Star with Dam Kamilaroi Star Odyssey Tranquil Star